CircleSnake: Instance Segmentation with Circle Representation


This was my first conference! I presented at the Machine Learning in Medical Imaging workshop my work on CircleSnake: Instance Segmentation with Circle Representation. In no particular order, here are a couple takeaways.

1. Sharing your Work is Critical

Attending this conference made me realize conducting science is done within a commmunity of researchers. Presenting your idea, persuading others, and receiving feedback is key to doing good research. You can design a ground-breaking theory and obtain concrete evidence for it. However, if no one believes you and the work becomes forgotten, then your efforts have been wasted. Sharing what you do is critical.

Sharing your work is important in all industries: software, banking, real estate, etc. You benefit by recieving feedback on your skills and the relevance of your work. The world benefits from hearing about your work and perhaps co-opting it into their own lives.

2. The Boundaries of Knowledge are Limitless

MICCAI was a gathering of many brilliant researchers working on important problems in healthcare. After talking with each person, I often learned about a new area of research despite studying medical AI for the last two years. The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.


I had an amazing time at MICCAI in Singapore. It was a wonderful life experience seeing a community of professional scientists come together.

Thank you to my mentor Yuankai Huo for his mentorship and The SyBBURE Searle Undergraduate Research Program for covering my travel expenses to the conference